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The Definition of the Perfect Home

point1 There are many houses on the market that will contain some of the things you are looking for in a dream home…. This is not one of those houses.  No, this house actually has everything that you could want in a dream home and more! Set on 1.8 acre wooded lot with a gorgeous view of the main body of Morse lake the location couldn’t be more desirable.  If plenty of space is something you want in a home than this 4,400 square foot home will certainly satisfy that open space feel.  If luxury is what you are searching for than between the hardwood floors throughout, ceramic tiles in the bathrooms, an over-sized tile shower, a custom wet bar, a separate craft room, a wood burning fireplace, and a lower level with a full wall of windows looking onto the lake your search for luxury is certainly met.  As if the magnificent house point2itself wasn’t enough to sell you on this new abode the outside will seal the deal.  The multi-level decks out back wind down to the lake front and the covered docks with covered lifts are at your service.  There is even a swimming a diving platform and the fishing in the area is spectacular.  While the house has a 2 car attached garage there is also a 3 car detached, heated and cooled garage with workshop! From inside out this home really does possess everything you could want in a home and more but like anything this grand it is something you need to see for yourself.  Be sure to contact me and set up a time to see this beauty for yourself!


Who Am I?

rita By trade it is easy to label what it is I do
I find houses for the seekers and I sell them too.
I host many open houses and negotiate big deals
I figure out what a client wants, their dislikes and appeals.
I wake up early for appointments and am sometimes up half the night
I have spent countless hours on offers only to turn around and re-write
I have scraped off sidewalks in the harshest of the cold
I have touched up some landscaping when weeds needed pulled
Despite some of the hardships, my job is just perfect for me
I get to push myself, challenge myself, be all that I can be.
While sometimes finding a house can takes months or even years
To see the exuberant looks on their faces can nearly bring me to tears.
With every door I enter theres another story to be told
A person’s life contained in 4 walls, a protection from the cold.
Meeting new people every day and helping them find what they seek
Whether their tastes be modern, classic, or downright unique
So while you may call me a Realtor and you would be correct
I like to think of it as dream locator and the title fits perfect.

Using Your Freezer’s Full Potential

We can all agree that our ancestors would have given their right arm for the technology that is our modern day freezers.  And to that fact we are highly under-utilizing them in many different ways.  While of course we use them to store our frozen pizzas and ice-cream, there are other foods that you can store to easily help reduce waste and save money.

frozenbananasMany of us can relate to throwing out some of our produce especially since it goes bad quicker than other items.  By using your freezer you can eliminate nearly all of this waste.  For example, once your bananas start going bad throw them in a freezer bag in your freezer.  Once you have enough or are in the mood you can thaw them out and make a delicious loaf of banana bread.  A great thing to do to reduce your vegetable waste is to keep a tupperware in your freezer.  As you realize some of your celery, carrots, peppers, etc are starting to get soft, cut them into smaller pieces and throw them into the tupperware.  Once you have enough just dump this into a crockpot with stock and seasoning and you have a homemade vegetable soup for pennies! The same method can be applied to fruits.  Simply save all of your cut up fruits into the tupperware in the freezer and pull out to throw in your blender for a delicious and healthy fruit smoothie.

frozen herbsI love to cook with fresh herbs but I undoubtedly end up throwing the leftover herbs away but not anymore.  Now I simply take out an icetray and place the chopped up herbs in the cubbies of the ice tray.  I then fill up the trays with olive oil and freeze.  Now when I need some rosemary for a soup or some oregano in my pasta sauce I just pop out one of the cubes and place in the pot.

By following these simple tips you can nearly eliminate the waste of food and money in your kitchen all the while using your fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs much longer than you ever thought possible.

Things To Bring and Not to Bring When House Hunting

House hunting is one of those situations where you want to go in prepared and ready.  Here is a list of things that you do and do forsalesignpm not want to bring with you while you are looking for your next big investment.

* You will without a doubt want to bring a camera (especially since most phones have them already).  You will want to take pictures of all of the things you love about a house as well as all of the things you really dislike.  That way when you get home you can compare and contrast what each house has to offer.

* You will want to wear slip on shoes whether it be boots, flip flops, or loafers.  As odd as this sounds it is due to some of the houses request to remove your shoes at the front door, especially if they just had new carpet installed.

* When visiting a house for the first time it may be best to leave the kids at home.  Chasing them around and keeping an eye on them might force you to miss something you like or dislike about the house.  It’s best to have full focus on your potential new house.

* Along those same lines you don’t want to be rushed through a tour of a home.  With that being said you will want to not have anything scheduled directly after so that you have plenty of time to look.  In addition make sure you don’t have the dog or groceries in your car that would speed up your looking process.

* Last but not least one thing that you certainly need with you at all times when looking at prospective homes is an open mind.  All too often people get fixated on cosmetic issues in a house.  The most important things to focus on are location and structure, the rest can be changed throughout the years.

Why Hiring a Realtor to Sell Your Home Will Actually Save You Money

Let me start off this post by saying I fully understand the desire to save a buck by listing your home for sale by owner.  I too like fsbopmto save money wherever I can and can appreciate other penny pinchers amongst us.  With that being said though I feel 100% confident in saying that you will actually be ahead financially when you hire a realtor to represent you in selling your home investment.  While yes there are fees involved with hiring a realtor if you can sell your house for more money because you have a realtor than you can end up ahead financially as well as save yourself a great amount of time and headache.  The reason that a realtor can generally garner more money for your home is two-fold.  First of all an MLS broker will be able to reach a much larger audience.  Not only do they have experience marketing your home but they will put your home into the open real estate market with thousands of real estate agents working to sell your home to an enormous pool of buyers.  The more potential buyers the higher the demand and the higher the price of your home.  It really is simple economics.

The second reason that you will actually save money by hiring a realtor is your target audience.  The bottom line is that most of the time, for sale by owner homes are frequented by a smaller segment group of people looking for a deal.  Chances are they as sellers are also not working with a broker or realtor.  The reason for this is that they are on the hunt for a bargain.  When people repeatedly offer you low ball offers you eventually settle on a lower amount for your house than you initially wanted.  This is a good example of losing money without a realtor.

And last but not least while we have talked about all the money you will save you will also save an unfathomable amount of time.  And really in today’s world time is money.  It all boils down to how much you think your time is worth.

So before you think about trying to save a few bucks right now instead think about the long run and how much time, money, and effort you would really be forfeiting.  If you would like any more information about what I as a realtor can offer please feel free to contact me!

Packing a Valentine’s Day Lunch for Your Kids or Spouse

Let’s face it… not everyone is wowed by flowers for Valentine’s Day and you don’t want to overload your kids withbananavalentine chocolates. Why not show someone you are thinking about them this Valentine’s Day by getting creative when packing their lunch?  The first cute idea is to pack a banana. Simply use a sharpie marker and write a cute note on it such as “I’m bananas for you” or “Let’s Never Split”. Such a simple thing to do that is sure to bring a smile.

chipvalentineAnother cute Valentine’s Day lunch is done by packing an individual bag of their favorite type of chips. Take a piece of paper, fold in half and staple to the top of the bag. On the front of the paper print or write “You’re All That &…” The implication being, You’re All That and a Bag of Chips. yorkvalentine

Add a can of Crush soda with a tag attached that states “I Have a Crush on You” and for dessert a York  Peppermint patty with the tag declaring “We’re Just Mint to Be”. Such simple and inexpensive ideas for a memorable Valentine’s Day lunch for those special people in your life!

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy This House (and It Was Very Hard to Narrow it Down to 5)

green1Often times I will make pro’s vs con’s lists when discussing a new home on the market but with this gorgeous Indianapolis home, located close to the Geist Reservoir I was unable to come up with a single con.  This is why I have instead decided to list the top 10 things that I love about this home and leave it to you to discover the countless other features that contribute to the beauty, charm, and functionality of this house.

1.) The exterior: While I recognize this is rather vague I am referring to the entire look of the outside of the home.  Between the intricate entrance to the porch and the rock detail on the front this home has curb appeal in spades.

2.) Location: Being close to the reservoir in itself is an ideal location but it is in the highly desirable Harbour Pines subdivision and is still close to shopping, entertainment, and interstates.

3.) The master suite: It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed in a bedroom.  From the skylights to the newly remodeled master bath this room provides an inviting oasis after a long work day.

4.) Everything that is Included:  Often times when you buy a home you find yourself shelling out big bucks for the necessities.  But with the purchase of this home it includes a new furnace, water softener, energy efficient windows, dual sump pump, dehumidifier system, and a security system.  These inclusions in themselves will save you thousands of dollars down the road.

5.) The year round Sunroom:  Last but not least this large sunroom that is right off of the cozy family room offers not only a huge green2amount of space but allows the sunlight to pour in through the multitude of windows.  This room brightens up the entire house and is the perfect space to sit and watch a sunset or drink your morning cup of coffee.

There are countless other features that deserve to be noticed so click here to see more pictures and information and as always feel free to contact me with any questions.  I look forward to hearing from you.