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The Number One Way to Sell Your House Faster

June 5, 2013

reddoorDo you ever realize how you get more excited to open that Christmas gift that is wrapped in pretty, sparkly paper with the matching bow or how the fancy dessert you ordered tastes a bit better because of the intricately placed chocolate shavings and the raspberry swirls decorating the plate?  What does this have to do with selling your house you may say? Well it is all about presentation and more importantly outer presentation.

While the inside of your house may be simply breathtaking without a great deal of curb appeal many potential buyers won’t make it through the uninviting front door.  So as any good realtor would tell you, focus on sprucing up the outside first.  The best part is that a great deal in improving curb appeal is very cost efficient.  By simply putting a fresh coat of paint on the front door you instantly brighten up the exterior and force people’s eye to the entrance.  Spending some time on keeping your yard mowed, shrubbery trimmed, and weeds pulled will certainly be time well spent.  Last but not least a pop of color in the form of a hanging basket, a catchy door mat, or that eye popping front door makes your house stand out amongst the others.  Follow these few simple tips and people will no longer overlook your fantastic home.


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