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Thinking About “For Sale by Owner?”….. Think Again

June 17, 2013

Over the years I have seen many people that have fallen for the temptation of selling their housesoldhouse themselves.  They use the reasoning that they are “cutting out the middle man” and “it can’t be that hard” only to later admit that it was a horrible decision.  Let me help you avoid these pitfalls by giving you the top 3 reasons that hiring a realtor not only makes financial sense but will save you time, effort, and countless headaches.

#1.) By having a realtor helping to orchestrate your home selling you will not have to be responsible for all of the phone calls and paperwork that comes in.  It is amazing how time consuming these phone calls, questions, and leads can be and often times lead to nowhere.  So having a realtor on board will certainly help you save time and narrow it down to the serious buyers.

#2.) Realtors have inside knowledge when it comes to your demographic area.  For example you may be able to find out yourself that the house down the street is selling for $175,000 but what you may not know is if it had upgrades done or not or if it fell out of escrow or not.  This information can be essential when pricing your home.

#3.) Another benefit of hiring a realtor is their experience and knowledge of negotiating deals.  Not only do they know how to negotiate and get the best deal for you, their client, but they can do so better than you because they are emotionally removed from the situation.  This gives them a clear head to focus on what works best for all parties involved.

So before you sell your home make sure you find a realtor with a experience, a good reputation, and the willingness to get you the best deal for your home.  Please call with any questions!



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