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Becoming a Home Owner Can Also Mean Becoming Happier Overall

June 27, 2013

Most of us strive to become home owners at some point in our lives but did you know that byhomeownership taking the plunge and buying that home you’ve always wanted you can also improve your overall health and happiness.  It’s true! There has been new research conducted by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. which found that 89% of those surveyed said their lives improved since they moved into their new home.  What is even more astonishing is that these studies show that home ownership led to an improvement in a child’s school performance.  These families reported that their children had improved confidence, improved grades, and improved behavior all stemming from buying their home.  Add to that, that 75% of families also say their health had improved since purchasing their home and you have a win-win-win situation overall.  It seems that having the stability of home ownership really does improve your life and can make a big impact on your children and their future.  Seems like a no brainer to me 🙂


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