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Knowing what Younger Buyers Want in a Home

July 7, 2013

Long gone are the days where location and number of bedrooms determined what home you Happy Young Couple Moving Housewanted to buy.  Now  so many wonderful homes out there, there are many other factors that play into what buyers want out of a home.  This is especially true for younger buyers looking to start a home and life of their own.  One of the features that I have seen an increase in demand for is eco friendly homes.  Not only are more people becoming aware of their carbon footprint but the more eco friendly the home, the lower the utility bills become.  Another feature that seems to be popular amongst most buyers is having flex space.  This could be an extra bedroom, a useable attic, or a large basement.  Basically any space that can be used for whatever the buyer may need such as a gym, a game room, or a future nursery.  A high-tech home also appeals to the younger buyers especially.  With new apps and technology being developed on a regular basis it is important to integrate this new technology into the home.  Last but not least many of the younger buyers are looking for move in ready homes.  While the idea of finding a fixer upper might appeal to some it seems that the vast majority are willing to pay a bit more to make their house a home right away.

Whatever the generation I’ve found it very helpful to stay up to date on what buyers are wanting and where to find these homes.  Knowing the wants helps to eliminate houses that are not up to par and save the buyers time and effort of looking at homes that not up to snuff.  If you are wanting to start looking for a new home I’d love to be able to help you find a home that has all of the wants and more.  Call or email to set up your appointment today!


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