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Thinking About Buying a Home? Why Hiring a Realtor is the Way to Go

August 28, 2013

With so many things taking place on-line it seems logical that most home listings are also posted online.  This leads many people to believe that just browsing through the website pages they will be able to find the house of their dreams.  Unfortunately this is almost never the case and often times leads to frustration and/or disappointment.  This is when having a realtor on your side makes the entire experience more stream-lined and all-in-all effective.  Here are a few of the top reasons to hire a realtor as a buyer.

* Realtors help to lower your risk.  Surprisingly many states don’t have laws in place that protect home buyers in most situations like they have with purchasing automobiles (lemon laws).  So in this market it is a buyer beware situation.  By having a realtor as your advocate they can make suggestions and recommendations that help to ensure the home you are buying is safe, priced fairly, and a sound investment. 

*Realtors can help streamline your entire buying experience.  Realtors usually have inventory that they are representing plus they work with other realtors in an organization called MLS or Multiple Listing Service.  This helps the realtor to quickly and easily eliminate homes that don’t meet your home buying criteria and therefore not waste your oh so precious time in the process.  Additionally, realtors have information that is not known to the general public and are able to network with one another to help you find your perfect home.  Sometimes it takes up to 10 days for a home to be listed on a website or through the MLS data entry.  In this amount of time the house may have already sold and you have missed your opportunity.  By working with a realtor you have an insider connection that you just can’t get with a keyboard.

*Last but not least, realtors understand the complexity and paperwork that come along with the home buying experience.  Between consumer-mandated seller’s disclosures, structural reports, and other legal documents the paper work involved in home buying can be overwhelming.  Luckily realtors are familiar with these and will do their best to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck and staying safe.

So before you venture out on your own and wander around the world of cyber-space why not save yourself some time, effort, and headache and hire a well respected and experienced realtor to guide you along a smoother way. 


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