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How Being a Mother Has Helped me Be the Best Realtor I Can Be

October 6, 2013

As with any profession it is important to find something you are passionate and knowledgeable daughtersabout and you will be successful.  It is also important to use life experiences to help you grow and cultivate in all areas of your life, including professionally.  I am lucky to have found a career that I can use my life’s passion of being a mother to help me become a better realtor.

For example, as the mother of 5 grown daughters I have learned a thing or two about negotiation.  I feel that with my own personal experiences I can easily negotiate a closing to benefit my client and yet leave with everyone feeling satisfied.  On countless occasions I have had 5 different wants or needs at a time whether it be what they wanted for dinner or where to go on vacation.  Through these experiences I have become skilled at determining the overall needs and wants for a family and how to do so in a way that everyone comes out a winner.  Another skill that is greatly valued as a realtor was one that I had little to no choice but to accept, and that was to become highly organized.  Whether it’s a busy house or a busy office organization can truly make all the difference when it comes to day to day activities running smoothly.  And last but not least being able to work with the crazy hours that come along with real estate is very do-able after the crazy hours that all parents can attest to.  So while I have been a realtor since 1989 I feel that my skills and abilities have been compounded and built upon immensely by my own amazing life experiences.


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