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Buying a House During the Winter Holidays Makes Good Financial Sense

October 23, 2013

Have you ever bought flip-flops in September or a winter coat in March?  If so then you’ll know houseinsnowwhat I mean when I say the perks of shopping in the off season.  Like any other market the housing market has the popular season and the off season and the holidays is usually ear-marked as an off season.  With that being said there are definite benefits to buying during this time.  First of all just like the flip-flops in fall most sellers will be willing to make a better deal during the holiday months.  In many cases these sellers are more desperate to sell and therefore makes a much better deal for you the buyer.

Another benefit to buying before Dec. 31st is the tax deduction that you will get.  You will be eligible for multiple deductions related to the interest of your first mortgage payment.  The mortgage industry is also slower this time of year which in turn could mean better terms for your mortgage.  Knowing that the mortgage companies are slower gives you more power in the negotiating process for the terms of your mortgage.

And last but not least since many people choose to not buy a house during the holidays that means that you have all but eliminated your competition.  During the spring months you may get caught in a bidding war for the home that you want.  During the winter the likelihood of that greatly diminishes.

Overall it is wise to shop for anything in the off season and as we have proven the housing market is no different.  If you are considering buying a new house, contact me and we can begin the search for your ideal home.


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