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The Perfect House Warming Gifts

November 11, 2013

One of the most exciting times in a persons life is the purchase of their first home or even a new home.  With this big life change comes a cause for celebration in the form of a house warming party.  While bringing a bottle of wine is completely acceptable to these types of soiree’s, I have found some unique and useful house warming gift ideas that any new host will certainly appreciate.

The first idea for a very practical gift, especially for those moving out of a small apartment or moving on their own for the first time is a kitchen essentials basket.  The idea behind this is to include all of those practical kitchen ingredients that you don’t seem to know you need until you don’t have them.  In these baskets I usually include flour, salt, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, vanilla, vegetable oil, and a fpillowew different spices.  This is perfect for helping the undoubtedly busy new home owner in stocking their pantry.

Another wonderful, albeit less practical, but very cute idea is a personalized pillow.  On this pillow you can choose to have the phrase “Welcome Home” along with the longitude and latitude coordinates for their new home or you could have the pillow personalized with their names and new address.  This makes a wonderful decoration and a keepsake to last through the years.

qrcodeLast but not least a very tech savvy and inexpensive gift that I find to be incredibly cute and useful is creating a QR code for the homes wi-fi password.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who has people come over and within 5 minutes ask what the wi-fi password.  This framed QR code eliminates the need to tell each of your guests your password and at the same time is a quirky and functional decoration.  All you need to do is find out the new home owners wi-fi password and follow the steps listed here to create this personalized gift.


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