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Things to Avoid on Black Friday

November 27, 2013

We all know that Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year but did you know that there are some items that market specialists blackfriday2recommend you steer clear of on that day?  In fact there are 5 items specifically that retailers try to promote that are usually not the lowest price they will be for the year.  Here is a list of what to avoid if you are out shopping on the cold, busy Friday.

* Toys:  This was the most shocking one to me since it seems that everyone is out to get that big toy at a discount on black Friday.  But according to experts most of these toys will be discounted even further as Christmas inches closer so it’s best to hold out on these purchases.

* Winter Apparel:  This seems to make sense because come January these items will be marked down much further as an end of season sale.  It is best to wait a couple of months if possible and buy ahead for next year.

* Jewelry and Watches: Unless you are absolutely set on giving that special someone some jewelry for Christmas you will get a better deal closer to Valentine’s Day when jewelry retailers slash their prices even more to get people into their stores.

* Bedding or Blankets:  While I have been known to gift a fuzzy blanket or two, come to find out that the best time to buy bedding and blankets is January and February when retailers hold their traditional “White Sales”.

* Exercise Equipment: While it is commendable to stand out in the freezing cold to nab a deal on some hand-weights it is also the definition of futility.  Most of the exercise equipment will be discounted further around New Years when people are clamoring to work off that holiday weight and start their New Years resolutions!


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