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A Great Way to Get Together with Friends and Elminate the Gift Giving Stress

December 16, 2013

cookieexchangeIt seems as if Christmas time gift giving can get out of hand.  Before you know it your list of people to buy for is outrageous and you feel like you need to take out a second mortgage just to cover the holidays.  Why not bring Christmas traditions back to a simpler (and less expensive) time and try one of these fun ways to minimize gift giving and instead enjoy the company of our friends or family.  A big reason that the gift giving gets so overwhelming is that you don’t want to leave anyone out.  This is true when it comes to your neighbors, friends at work, and even extended family.  How about this year changing up your gift giving tradition and host one of these get together exchanges.

Cookie Exchange: In place of giving everyone a specific gift why not bake up a huge batch of a Christmas treat.  Ask everyone else to do the same and divide them into smaller baggies for distributing.  Not only does this yummy exchange eliminate the need for store bought presents but by the end of the night you’ll have a plethora of delicious treats to serve your family.

Ornament Exchange: With this Christmas exchange the only requirement is that everyone bring in a new ornament for the exchange.  You can either have guests draw names or numbers to determine who gets what ornament.  How much simpler and cost effective it will be for everyone to buy just one ornament instead of gifts for all.

Gift Exchange:  If you still want to stick with the idea of gift giving, why not eliminate the need to buy for everyone and just buy one gift that would be suitable for any of your guests.  There are multiple fun games that you can play to determine who gets what gift.

While you may have a hard time adjusting to not buying gifts for everyone you will soon realize that without the added stress, financial burden, and never ending wrapping you may just start to appreciate the season for all of the right reasons!


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