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Easy to Do Painting Techniques to Spruce Up Your Home

January 23, 2014

If you are like so many people the idea of painting a room in your house is rather dreadful.  With all of the tape you have to put up, corners and crevices you need to get in, layering on multiple layers and then still feeling like you have not done much to improve the look of the room can be frustrating.  With these three simple painting techniques you will be able to create an accent wall in your bedroom, a funky look for the kids room, or a work of art ideal for above your couch.

lacepaintThe first technique requires some pretty patterned lace that you can ruin.  The idea is simple, lay the lace over the piece of furniture or tape it to the wall in the area you are wanting to paint.  Grab a can of spray paint and spray over the lace. Let the paint dry for a couple of minutes and then remove the lace to reveal and intricate and beautiful pattern.  This is a great technique for painting that accent wpaintrollerall in your bedroom or even to paint onto the seats of your dining room chairs.

For the next painting technique you will need a paint roller and some thick twine or string.  Take the paint roller and tie the string randomly around the roller, this will create a cris-cross type pattern.  After that simply use the roller to apply paint like normal, but since the twine is raised it will be the main part that shows up.  This is a funky and fun pattern that would be a big hit in the kids room.

The last paintsodabottleing technique will use just a 2 liter soda bottle and paint.  As you can see in the photo, you simply dip the bottom of the bottle into the paint and press it onto the wall, door, or piece of furniture you are painting to create an artistic masterpiece.  You could also use many other household items as a stamp to create a fun pattern.

So next time you are wanting to spruce up your home with some new paint why not try one of these fun and very inexpensive techniques to liven up your walls!


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