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Things To Bring and Not to Bring When House Hunting

February 17, 2014

House hunting is one of those situations where you want to go in prepared and ready.  Here is a list of things that you do and do forsalesignpm not want to bring with you while you are looking for your next big investment.

* You will without a doubt want to bring a camera (especially since most phones have them already).  You will want to take pictures of all of the things you love about a house as well as all of the things you really dislike.  That way when you get home you can compare and contrast what each house has to offer.

* You will want to wear slip on shoes whether it be boots, flip flops, or loafers.  As odd as this sounds it is due to some of the houses request to remove your shoes at the front door, especially if they just had new carpet installed.

* When visiting a house for the first time it may be best to leave the kids at home.  Chasing them around and keeping an eye on them might force you to miss something you like or dislike about the house.  It’s best to have full focus on your potential new house.

* Along those same lines you don’t want to be rushed through a tour of a home.  With that being said you will want to not have anything scheduled directly after so that you have plenty of time to look.  In addition make sure you don’t have the dog or groceries in your car that would speed up your looking process.

* Last but not least one thing that you certainly need with you at all times when looking at prospective homes is an open mind.  All too often people get fixated on cosmetic issues in a house.  The most important things to focus on are location and structure, the rest can be changed throughout the years.


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