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Using Your Freezer’s Full Potential

February 21, 2014

We can all agree that our ancestors would have given their right arm for the technology that is our modern day freezers.  And to that fact we are highly under-utilizing them in many different ways.  While of course we use them to store our frozen pizzas and ice-cream, there are other foods that you can store to easily help reduce waste and save money.

frozenbananasMany of us can relate to throwing out some of our produce especially since it goes bad quicker than other items.  By using your freezer you can eliminate nearly all of this waste.  For example, once your bananas start going bad throw them in a freezer bag in your freezer.  Once you have enough or are in the mood you can thaw them out and make a delicious loaf of banana bread.  A great thing to do to reduce your vegetable waste is to keep a tupperware in your freezer.  As you realize some of your celery, carrots, peppers, etc are starting to get soft, cut them into smaller pieces and throw them into the tupperware.  Once you have enough just dump this into a crockpot with stock and seasoning and you have a homemade vegetable soup for pennies! The same method can be applied to fruits.  Simply save all of your cut up fruits into the tupperware in the freezer and pull out to throw in your blender for a delicious and healthy fruit smoothie.

frozen herbsI love to cook with fresh herbs but I undoubtedly end up throwing the leftover herbs away but not anymore.  Now I simply take out an icetray and place the chopped up herbs in the cubbies of the ice tray.  I then fill up the trays with olive oil and freeze.  Now when I need some rosemary for a soup or some oregano in my pasta sauce I just pop out one of the cubes and place in the pot.

By following these simple tips you can nearly eliminate the waste of food and money in your kitchen all the while using your fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs much longer than you ever thought possible.

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