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Who Am I?

March 6, 2014

rita By trade it is easy to label what it is I do
I find houses for the seekers and I sell them too.
I host many open houses and negotiate big deals
I figure out what a client wants, their dislikes and appeals.
I wake up early for appointments and am sometimes up half the night
I have spent countless hours on offers only to turn around and re-write
I have scraped off sidewalks in the harshest of the cold
I have touched up some landscaping when weeds needed pulled
Despite some of the hardships, my job is just perfect for me
I get to push myself, challenge myself, be all that I can be.
While sometimes finding a house can takes months or even years
To see the exuberant looks on their faces can nearly bring me to tears.
With every door I enter theres another story to be told
A person’s life contained in 4 walls, a protection from the cold.
Meeting new people every day and helping them find what they seek
Whether their tastes be modern, classic, or downright unique
So while you may call me a Realtor and you would be correct
I like to think of it as dream locator and the title fits perfect.


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